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Using the most cost-effective & expert staff on-site at the time of project execution, we provide the most comprehensive & efficient Project management service for all our projects.

The methods & techniques employed during the project management service, helps us to bring the project to conclusion in the shortest time possible. We provide complete co-ordination with the local contractors/execution team of all the agencies for the smooth progress of the project.

While we always attempt to design within your budget, there might be some shortcomings due to certain unavoidable factors which is why we also wish to work with your local contractors. For definitive budget and pricing, we have qualified contractors, cost estimator or construction managers who will be available during the early schematic design phase.

We provide the following services:

  • On-site project management
  • Cost estimation of the project
  • Supervision of construction supplies & materials
  • Quality check of the construction
  • Co-ordination with various agencies
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