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A successful project is the one which has been planned from its conception stage i.e, identifying the viability of its business potential. We hence provide Market research services for the project to know its full potential & to justify the amount of investment towards the same.

  • Analysis of Past, Current, and future supply of and demand for services and facilities required/available in the respective competitive markets.
  • Development of estimates of utilization levels that might be obtained at the proposed Hospital Centre facility.
  • We also assist our clients in raising funds, identifying alliance partners for business in the form of Joint venture, Financial assistance etc.
  • We use a combination of primary and secondary market data collection, focus groups and expert face-to-face interviews in conducting analyses and bench-marking of manufacturers, distributors and global/local competitors.
  • We analyse & evaluate the¬†viability on various aspects such as Financial Projections, Departmental revenues & expenses, preferred site, Capital costs, Recurrent Costs etc.
  • A detailed report is prepared after reviewing the catchment area across various parameters, and identifying the related opportunities and constraints.
  • Site characteristics, accessibility and relationship with other healthcare facilities will be described. Specific site issues or challenges will be assessed and resolved