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We assist the hospital in preparing for commissioning so that the hospital/centre is prepared to welcome their first patient. This service can be of 2 types:

Pre-commissioning: Few of the services are listed below:

  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Preparation of Tariff list
  • Dry run of the departments
  • Equipment Installation
  • Giving guidelines on signages
  • Designing of the Logo
  • Internal designing such as Brochures, leaflets, Visiting cards, prescription pads, forms
  • Assisting in finalising HIMS (Hospital software)
  • Preparation of organisational structure/Organogram
  • Manpower planning of all departments
  • Assistance in recruitment activities (Pre-employment documents checklist, Salary finalisation based on certain parameters, Entry policy, Exit policy etc)
  • Salary Package- comparison with market trend
  • Classification of staff etc.
  • Website designing
  • FB, Linked-in, Twitter, Google+, Instagram account creation & linking to website
  • Introducing various Health check-up schemes & discount strategies

Post-commissioning: This will involve the actual management of the hospital in terms of Operations & Marketing management. It includes the presence of the centre manager from our end and streamlining the operations & management of the hospital.