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We assist the centre in carrying out necessary activities to prepare for being accredited with NABH which could be either entry level or Full accreditation depending on the size and scope of the organisation.

Our scope would be the following:

  • Initial Assessment of policies, standard operating procedures, processes and infrastructure compliances with the standards across all functional areas.
  • Deliver a detailed Gap Analysis Report and roadmap with implementable suggestions.
  • Presentation of the report and discussion on the gaps identified and suggestions made.
  • Ensure finalization of the implementation program to fill the gaps to comply with the standard requirements.
  • Guidance and assistance for implementation like drafting of SOPs for functional areas compliances with the standards.
  • Assistance in forming different committees within the hospital as per the standards.
  • Plan training program for various staff, training key trainers identified by the hospital and ensure continual monitoring post training.
  • Monitoring during implementation phase.