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A detailed manpower planning is done to ensure we have the right manpower for the right designation at the right salary for handling the job responsibilities assigned towards him/her.

Recruitment process is relatively time consuming as the candidates have to decide, finalise, submit their resignations to their respective organisations, serve the notice periods (which is usually a minimum of 30-60 days), and join the next organisation. Hence, it is better to start the process 3 months before the commissioning of the hospital to get the right candidates at the very first day of the functioning of the centre.

Due to the changeable nature of the employment market, our senior Consultant will spend time with you conducting a thorough profile brief of all departments. Our consultants will aim to match the candidates to a service, environment and location to make their move to the new work environment a smooth and rewarding experience.

We work closely with hospitals to find skilled doctors to fill temporary & permanent vacancies throughout the country. We recruit into targeted shortage areas and are looking for specialists who have training and experience in all clinical & non-clinical areas.

We will be preparing the detailed Job descriptions, Job specifications of each candidate, each designation for filtering out the people & finalising those who will strengthen the organisation.

In case the candidate leaves the organisation within 2 months of joining, free replacement would be provided for the same designation.